India vs Sri Lanka 3rd test, Sehwag told why Sri Lanka's player Play with mask

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Big Statement of Sehwag, why did Sri Lankan play with the mask
 Sri Lanka today made such a shameful move on the second day of the third Test against India that the game was shamed. Let us tell you that after the lunch today, suddenly Sri Lankan players were defeating Delhi's "pollution". They became so worried that many players, including Captain Dinesh Chandimal, were brought to the ground by putting a mask. Two bowlers left the field in the bowling middle. The matter increased so much that Captain Virat Kohli had to declare an innings before time. Now the question is why did Sri Lanka need to do this? Team India's former Tornado batsman has uncovered this secret.

Sehwag has talked about Sri Lanka's dishonesty in the cricket show of India TV. Sehwag said that Sri Lanka wanted to prevent Kohli from imposing a triple century and under the pretext of a strategy, he pretended to be bothered to breathe after lunch. Sehwag said that pollution was not such that it is difficult to play. The same team had practiced here two days ago, then there was no problem in breathing.

Explain that Kohli was playing with a double century during Sri Lanka's Tamasha and was moving towards third century with plenty of intensity. But due to the halt of the game, his concentration was broken and he got out on 243. He was so angry with the Sri Lankan move that he had thrown his bat on the ground in a rage.

Sehwag said that such a dishonesty has not been done by Sri Lanka for the first time. Even before that Sehwag was playing at 99 runs and India needed one run to win, when Sri Lanka denied it by making a no-ball and making them a century.

Sehwag said the match referee David Boon will submit the report of this incident to the ICC and he expects the ICC to take any action against Sri Lanka.

On losing the temperament of Virat Kohli, Sehwag said that he has to learn to control his agenda, because when you make runs, such anti-objection teams do.
Sehwag expressed concern over the left-handed catches in Sri Lanka's innings and said that if catches were caught, then today 7-8 wickets fell.

Explain that Team India had declared their first innings at 536/7. In reply, Sri Lanka were 131 for three at the end of day's play. Meanwhile, two catches also left.

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