Hadiqa Kiani - Kamli (Bulleh Shah)

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Hadiqa Kiani
5 months ago
After the overwhelming success of the first 3 Chapters of WAJD, Kamlee Da Dhola, Bhit Ja Bhitai and Aaj Rung Hai crossing over 10,000,000 views on social media and staying amongst the top charts on Patari since release; We are pleased to finally release the fourth chapter of #WAJD in Punjabi, as a tribute to Baba Bulleh Shah.

I hope the message of WAJD translates to you all, we must revive our culture and heritage!

WAJD Vol. 1 Chapter 4

Singer: Hadiqa Kiani
Composition: Folk
Poetry: Baba Bulleh Shah
Saz Baglama: Steve George
Bansuri: Ustad Baqir Abbas
Harmonium: Irfan Kiani & Imran Ali
Qawaali Jori: Asif Ali Goga
Backing vocals: Irfan Ali, Sharafat Sakhawat, Imran and Irfan Kiani

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