Imam Zamin | Episode 15 | TV One Drama | 4th December 2017

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Imam Zamin Episode 15 TV One Drama Starring Noman Ejaz, Iffat Omer, SeharAfzal, Shakeel, Sajida Syed

Writer :Zafar Meraj
Director : Shahid Zahoor

When the biggest enemy of love is love itself. Paying guest Haniya moves into Ayesha and Ahmed Ali’s house – and falls in love with the old couple. Impressed with her sweet, caring nature, they too become very attached to her. The problem arises when their married son Munib comes to Pakistan and falls in love with Haniya too. Then suddenly his wife Hina arrives. Will Munib go ahead and marry Haniya? Or will he go back to Hina?

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